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Polk Audio Soundbar
Wireless Subwoofer Included
Price: $100
TV, Audio and Video
I am selling a Polk Audio Soundbar with included wireless subwoofer. I bought the set in 2009 for over $400. All cables and power cords included. Connection to the TV is RCA type connection. The subwoofer is wireless in regards to the primary speaker but does have its own cord for the power supply. The unit does not come with a remote but has a learning feature to obey the commands of your existing remote for volume up/down/mute etc. The unit does not have built in WiFi or Bluetooth as these were not standard features in 2009. Best use is for improving the sound of your flat screen TV with a wired connection.

Price is negotiable within reason.
Posted by Roman Community Badge
on Dec, 15 @ 13:20
Phone: +39 331 520 7990
Roman's item(s) sold: 0
Location: Capodichino base Bldg 401 near the main gate
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