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Interested in drum lessons? Send me a message ;-)

Hello, My name is Jonah David and I’m an active duty Navy musician stationed here in Bella Napoli! I’ve been playing/teaching drums and percussion professionally since 1995. I have a Bachelors in Jazz Performance, as well as a number of certificates from Drummers Collective Institute in NYC. I’ve written two drum books for intermediate to advanced students, which can be found on my website Also, I teach beginning ukulele, that means I can teach you how to strum chords and sing your favorite tunes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you teach?

I can teach all ages 7 to 70 ;-) Actually, I teach my children who are 4 and 6, but 7 is about as young as I’d like to begin lessons.

What’s your teaching approach?

It varies from student to student depending on their needs and goals. I have developed a method that utilizes ear training and singing, and that easily adapts to every student. For example, we can begin learning a basic rock groove by singing and clap “boom - boom - bap”. The lessons are organic, so at any time we might be focusing on reading rhythms, musicianship, playing technic, style, listening, rudiments and independence.

Do I need to buy a drum set in the beginning?

No. Honestly, you can start playing on pillows, cardboard boxes and pots and pans too. Pads are a great option, and I love playing on electronic drums! They are incredibly fun and not nearly as loud. At some point down the road, if you want to play with other musicians, a drum set is inevitable.

Ok, so what do you recommend I buy at the beginning of lessons?

I recommend buying at least one pair of drumsticks (5A or 7A), a practice pad a metronome (app), and a music staff paper notebook. After a month or so, when you’re ready to take your education to the next level, I recommend the following books:

Ted Reed “Syncopation”
Tommy Igoe “Groove Essentials”
Lawrence Stone “Stick Control”
Charles Wilcoxin “150 All American Rudimental Solos”

Where are you located?

I teach from home in Gricignano, (I’m less than 1 Kilometer away from Support Site) as I have a children’s, and electronic drums set up. I could come to Support Site if the schedule permits.

If you have any other questions, or you just want to say, "hi", please feel free to call, or send me a message.

Posted by Jonah
on May, 05 @ 15:17
Phone: +39-347-715-3343
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Location: Gricignano Di Aversa
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