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2004 Citroen C2 VTR Automatic
Automatic Transmission Hatchback available in SEP
Price: $2000
Autos & Motorcycles
Small and maneuverable city car with your typical Naples dings and scuffs. Purchased from another NATO member back in 2014 when the car had just over 100,000 KM on it. The car has given reliable service over the last 50,000 KM and should last at least 50,000 KM more.

The "auto-manual" transmission is unique to this model and offers clutchless shifting either with steering wheel paddles or with the shifter stick, or hands-free in fully automatic mode.

Features include power windows, cruise control, CD player with AUX-in jack for playing media from your phone. Functional A/C and heater and a red leather interior.

I have kept the car up to date with periodic maintenance (brakes, tires, battery, and a rebuilt clutch). The car has a very small footprint making Naples parking a breeze but feels surprisingly roomy on the inside.

I am offering the car for sale starting in September of this year and while I consider the asking price to be fair I am open to counter-offers.
Posted by Roman Community Badge
on Jul, 16 @ 16:38
Phone: +39 331 520 7990 (Cell) or 314-626-3467 (DSN)
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