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2002 Audi A4 B6/8E 1.9 TDI
1800 € (OBO)
Price: €1800
Autos & Motorcycles
This is the famous B6 model with the nearly unbreakable 1.9l Diesel engine. You still see a lot of these cars on the road. Some few scratches, but still in a good condition.
A real Naples car!!! AFI plated.

Power 96 KW / 130 PS/HP
Capacity 1896 cm³
Mileage 340000 km
Standard gearbox
Two-zone A/C
The following parts have been replaced/renewed:
Turbo compressor (2016)
Injectors (2017)
Breaks (2017
Timing belt (2016)
Battery belt (2018)
All cooling hoses (2017)
Posted by Andy Community Badge
on Jul, 25 @ 09:44
Phone: 081 7215112 or +49 15117892013
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Location: Lago Patria
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