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Brian May Pedal - Now a collectors item!!.
Awesome sounds of Queen and Brian May.
Price: €120
This pedal has become a collectors item as they are rare and difficult to find (complete and good quality). This one still has the original box, Instructions, Pedal cover and power. These pedal are a good investment as seem to be just increasing in value every year!.

What the review say -

"This piece of gear is, in my opinion, a work of genius! I claim no credit! An amazing DigiTech team led by legend Eddie Kramer have created a device capable of making anybody sound like me! (If you should want to, that is!) Through an incredible new modeling technique, this pedal captures 14 of the most memorable tones I've achieved for Queen over the years...Plug in and turn it up -- and ROCK! Cheers!" -- Brian May

Posted by Matt
on Feb, 18 @ 11:30
Phone: 334 819 2055
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Location: Lago Patria or JFC
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