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Hi, my name is Donna Irwin and I have been teaching private guitar lessons for the past 10 years as well as electric bass and (beginning) drums and piano. I have a bacehelor's degree in music and an associate's degree in music technology.

I love teaching and playing and I am glad to be doing both here in bella Napoli! If you are interested in taking lessons please PM me for all the details!

Short rundown: I do half-hour lessons Monday thru Thursday from my home studio here on the Support Site. I teach students of all ages and skill levels! I focus on the students' immediate goals, as well as, opening their minds to some new techniques and styles that they might not, other wise, have considered.

Frequently asked questions:

"How young is too young to start guitar?" Answer: I don't like to take students younger than 7 because before that age they just don't have the attention span or dexterity to get around such a large instrument and I want their first experience with the guitar to be a fun one; not one of frustration!

"How old is too old to start guitar?" Answer: You are never too old! One of my last students was 72 years old and we had a great time learning the blues together and playing helped ease the arthritis pain in her hands.

"Do I have to learn how to read music?" Answer: Only if you want to! All students are different and I try to tailor each lesson around students' requests, experience level, age and making sure that they learn all the fundamentals first.

"What kind of guitar should I get?" Answer: Acoustic or electric? Whichever you want! Most students only practice if they are excited about what they are doing and the instrument. If you want to start off with electric then go for it and vice versa. Just make sure that your instrument can stay in tune; it doesn't have to be expensive but it can't be a toy, either.

"What do I need to get started?" Answer: If you have chosen an electric guitar to start with you will also need a small amplifier, instrument cable, tuner and picks. If you chose the acoustic guitar all you will need will be picks and the tuner, to get started. Some younger students will need to purchase a book thru Amazon.

"What should I bring to my lessons?" Answer: A notebook, picks, your guitar and yourself!

"How long before I get good?" Answer: That's up to you! Practice makes perfect, as they say. But, in my opinion, the students who progress the most are the ones who set up goals for themselves. Whether it's playing in a local Open Mic Night, at your local church, starting a group or just making youtube videos and playing with your friends it's good to have goals for yourself and seeing them through!

Feel free to contact me by phone or email for prices and availability!

Posted by Donna
on Jun, 18 @ 14:57
Phone: 346-355-9597
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