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Propulsion Fin YELLOW Size: Small-Medium 3 - 7 UK
KALIBRA fins by Seac Sub For Diving or Snorkelling
Price: €30
Sports & Outdoors
Allows perfect performance/force compromise.
The fluid dynamic channels collect, contain, and channel water with no dispersion. The ample foot pocket offers the right comfort and support with an ample entry with larger boots plus a high profile strap.
The two-button safety buckle prevents accidental opening.
Adjustable open heel fin with blade in three materials and the foot pocket in soft thermoplastic rubber.
No need for boot as these fins have a super soft poot pocket
Blade in 3 materials:
1. Structure in Tecnoflex to improve performance and durability.
2. Ribbings in thermoplastic rubber give the blade elasticity and lateral stability.
3. Channels in Cristalflex optimize the channeling of water and fin performance

Posted by José Francisco
on Jul, 12 @ 15:25
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