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PlayStation 3 In Perfect Condition
Comes with 5 great games + PS3 Controller + A Deal
Price: €140
PC and Games
This, PS3, is only 2 years old and slightly used over those years. The console and the wireless controller are in PERFECT condition. The console works with 110V, but with a little help of a power transformer it can work with 220V just fine. It comes with 5 great games: Grand Theft Auto V + Assassin's Creed Black Flag + Batman Arkham Origins + Murdered Soul Suspect + Dishonored.

PS3= 105 Euros - Games= 15 Euros for each

Everything's ready for you, dear buyer, to just connect the wires to your monitor and begin the action. (Everything can be brought to JFC in Lago Patria if really needed to)
Posted by gurhan
on Feb, 25 @ 09:40
Phone: 3451116657
gurhan's item(s) sold: 0
Location: Pinetamare-Lago Patria
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