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Sport Touring Motorcycle
Aprilia Futura 1000
Price: €3150
Autos & Motorcycles
Very nice and clean 2003 Aprilia Futura 1000 cc for sale.
Bullet prove fuel injected ROTAX V-2 engine, 113 hp, very reliable. 45.000 km (~ 28.000 mls)
Inspection just done (Valves, oil, filters, forks, brakes etc.)
Fully adjustable front and rear suspension. Single sided swingarm. Steel flex brake lines. Hydraulic clutch. Comes with panniers including inner bags. Cockpit has ambient air temp, water temp, clock, trip, fuel gauge, service read out, dimming lights, power socket, on board diagnosis.
All keys are existing, also maintenance history, driver manual and repair manual.
German registration but I can take it easily to the AFI system if desired.
Check out the review on from 2013!
Duty: 433-2173

Posted by Thomas Community Badge
on Jul, 05 @ 08:22
Phone: 360 105 2584
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Location: Lago Patria
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