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Mid Ranged Gaming PC
AMD Build
Price: $650
PC and Games
Selling this PC I recently built, all the parts are new and it works great. The total for the parts are 770.99 but I'm selling it for 650.00. I just haven't used it like I planned I would. This would be a good purchase for a person lookin to get into PC gaming, as there's plenty of room to upgrade in the future. Please message me with questions, the parts are listed below.

AMD FX8300
AMD Wraith Cooler
Gigabyte Ultra-Durable Motherboard
XFX Radeon 460 (4GB)
8 GB Kingston Hyper Fury RAM (up-gradable to up to 64 GB)
600 Watt SFF Modular PSU
Blutooth 4.2 Wireless card
120 GB Kingston SSD
Thermaltake Slim Case
Posted by christopher
on Jul, 17 @ 15:08
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