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2001 VW Golf Wagon 1.4L
Solid reliable German car, motivated seller
Price: €1999
Autos & Motorcycles
LOWERED PRICE! Asking €1999 obo!

This car is awesome, it just gets the job fine. Camping, cycling trips, wine trips, and into Naples many many times. No problems. I've been very happy with this car and wish I could keep it a little longer.

Perfect Naples beater with a couple Naples kisses. One by me, one by previous owner, and could use a couple more (that's you!)

Daily driver with great gas milage, also taken to Tuscany 5 times. Holds 200+ bottles of wine, goes 720 kilometers in one tank (450 miles, 32mpg). No mechanical issues, runs smooth. Recently serviced in Lago Patria with the same mechanic as previous owner.

Safety inspection, AFI registration/clean title. Everything is ready for a smooth sale!
Posted by Maks Community Badge
on Sep, 08 @ 12:26
Phone: 342 089 6557
Maks's item(s) sold: 7
Location: SS/Capo
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