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Regina, German Sheperd with flapping ears
1 year old
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Animals & Pets
This is Regina, a young and very sweet girl. She's a German Shepherd with the hanging ears. This might be due to an impurity in her blood line or to a genetic disposition (if both parents carry that gene). It happens every once in a while, but this is probably the reason, why she ended up on the street. She's not up to standard and therefore couldn't be sold by the breeder.
She is incredibly sweet with everyone including kids and other dogs and is suffering a lot from the kennel.
She's healthy and very much hoping for a home where she'll be loved for her great character and not rejected simply because her ears point the wrong way.

Please give her a chance. She so much deserves it.
Posted by Iris
on Nov, 19 @ 19:50
Phone: Iris 349 890 3797
Iris's item(s) sold: 20
Location: Nocera, 20 minutes from Grisci
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