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Welcome to Naples
New arrivals Guide

Produced by the HIVE Naples (last update Jan 2011)

Joint Forces Allied Command (JFC) is located in Bagnoli, Naples which is the largest city in Southern Italy, within one hour’s drive of such beauty spots as the Amalfi Cost, Sorrento and Salerno and two and half hours from Rome. Naples is situated on a magnificent bay and [continue...]
Welcome to Italy and Naples
A newcomer's Guide for UK personnel

Produced by Unitd Kingdom Joint Support Unit, Italy
(last update Mar 2010)

You are about to take the first step in enjoying what will be an exciting and challenging posting to Italy. Naples is a city of surprises and contrasts with a character and life unique
even by Italian standards. Its layout is complex and disorderly and it is easy to get lost but it’s a fascinating city; the countryside surrounding Naples is also full of variety with lots to see and visit. In many ways Naples [continue...]

What it took us forever to figure out

Compiled by the Spouses of Naples, Italy

The gas coupons have an expiration date, but you can sell them back at the Navy Exchange and purchase new coupons. It
is a good idea to watch the date closely a long line when it comes time to sell them [continue...]