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Household Items

€ 5
[Household Items] White
by ED - Ad location: Varcaturo/Lago Patria
Standard sized bathroom scales. Good price - not a lot else to say! [...]

$ 50
[Household Items] Marta Marzotto
by Lisa - Ad location: Formia (45 min. north of S. Site)
220 v Mosaic colored glass bottom. White top Marta Marzotto designer lamp [...]

€ 400
[Household Items] baroque style
by luca - Ad location: Castel Volturno
Beautiful chandelier baroque elegant furnishings. Measuring 1,13 m long and 40 cm wide. The real value is far superior to the selling price [...]

€ 0
[Household Items] elegant
by luca - Ad location: Castel Volturno
Beautiful and elegant carpet like new condition. Dimensions 1,65x2,35.Price no negotiable. [...]

$ 70
[Household Items] Astonishing Charcoal Drawing
by Michael - Ad location: Varcaturo
Here is an interesting vintage charcoal drawing of an old cowboy. An extremely charismatic charcoal drawing. [...]

$ 30
[Household Items] Polaroid, Canon and Pentax
by Michael - Ad location: Varcaturo
Here are three 35mm vintage cameras. Polaroid Sun 600 Land Camera, Canon 50 snappy and a Pentax PC-55. [...]

$ 25
[Household Items] Disney, Very Rare.
by Michael - Ad location: Varcaturo
Here are 2 small Disney ceramic dolls, really cool, a must for the collector! [...]

€ 190
[Household Items] Cavallino
by luca - Ad location: Pinetamare (Castel Volturno)
As the title sell this beautiful carpet kept in very good conditions. Dimension based to the most extreme parts 240x220. No negotiable price [...]

€ 600
[Household Items] Wall carpet
by Albert - Ad location:
Beautiful Neapolitan antique wall carpet, about 7 feet x 4 feet [...]

€ 400
[Household Items] Egyptian copper dish-large
by Albert - Ad location: Pozzuoli
Antique Egyptian copper dish, about 3 feet in diameter. Beautiful. [...]

$ 30
[Household Items] Beautiful- EXCELLENT quality
by Maria - Ad location: Quarto
Most of these dishes are brand new. Three colors. Measurements - 23.5 cm wide from top rim, 16 cm wide inside bottom). Microwave and very sturdy. 10 dishes total: 4- White 3- Light Grey 3- Dar [...]

€ 75
[Household Items] silver picture frame
by marco - Ad location: support site
silver picture frame made with 21gr of silver very well decorated dimension are about 16 inches by 10 inches [...]

€ 39
[Household Items] 39 each
by M - Ad location: capo or ss

$ 10
[Household Items] Table Top
by Frederick - Ad location: Arco Felice or Capo
$10 each or $15 for two. [...]

€ 10
[Household Items] crystal napkins holder
by marco - Ad location: support site
2 crystal napkins holders with silver decoration 925/00 neat gift idea [...]